Chopper Trikes

A Few Ideas on Chopper Trikes

Converting motorcycles to chopper trikes is relatively expensive but it can be worth it for the style, handling and comfort which it gives you. After searching online we have come up with these suggestions for top chopper trike conversion kits.

Try out some chopper trikes

Try out some chopper trikes

Harley Davidson Sportster Kit

For a little over $4000 you can turn Harley Davidson used motorcycles into stunning chopper trikes.

Chopper Softail Trike Kit

This is the model of motorcycle trikes the side of the article. For $6,500 you get an incredible bike and a limited 3 year warranty on the work.

Honda VLX 600 Kit

This is a very nice chopper trike kit at a little over $3500. If you are looking to add some extra style to a Honda motorcycle then this could be a good way of doing it at a reasonable price.

Nowadays there are trike chopper conversion kits for just about all of the most popular types of motorcycles. This means that whatever you ride you can still get a kit to make it into something as good as the picture which is on this page.

Once you have a chopper trike you will probably enjoy the extra comfort and different handling it offers. However, it is something which isn’t suited to all riders, so before you pay out thousands of dollars on the conversion it might be a good idea to try and get a test ride on a trike.

Obviously if you have a friend who has one then this can be a great way to try out the style. If you don’t know any trike chopper owners then you could check to see what showrooms there are near you which contain pre built ones. Failing all that, you could go to a motorcycle show or meeting and see if anyone has brought along a trike to show off.


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